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Private Tour - Anytime heart of Hollywood - 10:00 am try downtown - 3:00 pm
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Hollywood is famous the world over for being the home of the movie industry here in the U.S.A., but there’s more to the area than that. Let us take you on a tour of the real Hollywood! How and why did movies begin to be made in the first place in what was then a small farming village outside L.A.? What are the truly interesting places and stories of the famous area (hint: it’s not the Walk of Fame and it’s not the superhero impersonators at Hollywood and Highland). Think you know Hollywood? Think again!

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Private Tours

Learn about the history of the area, when it was just a small farming town miles from Los Angeles. Discover why it was that film production companies began to set up studios in the area. We’ll tell you the important stories from Hollywood's Golden Age and show you the landmark buildings near the famous boulevard. Let us arrange your own private walking tour of Hollywood!

10:00 am Heart of Hollywood

Let us take you back to when the industry first started in Hollywood in 1910, when Hollywood itself didn’t even have a bar or movie theater of it’s own and the industry was still new. We’ll show you the most interesting buildings along the famous boulevard, including the oldest house in Hollywood (where Charlie Chaplin’s kids went to school), the Capitol Records Building, the Egyptian theater and Mann's Chinese Theater, where the tour finishes at Hollywood and Highland, in the heart of Hollywood.

3:00 pm explore downtown

We don't currently offer a 3 pm tour of Hollywood, but we do offer 3 amazing tours of downtown Los Angeles. Check them out and you might find that downtown has way more to offer than you ever thought. It's the most historical and architecturally interesting part of L.A.

6:00 PM Murder, Mystery & Ghost (TH & holidays)

Los Angeles has, unfortunately, seen more than its fair share of horrible murders, serial killers, lynching’s, suicides, bombings and premature death. What this means is some seriously bad psychic energy hanging over parts of downtown – and some very credible stories about ghosts and haunting’s in those places. Come on our Murder, Mystery & Ghost Tour and hear some terrifying stories that will give you sleepless nights for weeks. You’ll never see the City of Angels in the same way again!


We don't currently offer an evening tour of Hollywood, but we do offer an amazing one of Downtown. Experience the beauty of the downtown lights at night. See the buildings that have made the area one of the most interesting places in the world for architecture, including the famous Walt Disney Concert Hall and many other highlights. Tour finishes at Pershing Square.

FOOD LA TOUR Los Angeles is home to some of the best food in the U.S. - and the world. But how are you going to find it? Join Food LA Tour and let them take you on a fun culinary adventure on which you can experience the amazing smorgasbord of different types of cuisine in this city. From old school sushi joints in Little Tokyo to hole-in-the-wall taco shops in downtown, they’ll take you to the best and hottest places to eat in L.A. food tour info Stay connected to see what we're working on next Follow us on Instagram Like us on facebook follow us on twitter Terms and Conditions Career

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