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Private Tour - Anytime try Hollywood - 10:00 am
Welcome to a day in downtown with FREE LA Tour! Empire to Now , Historic core - 3:00 pm 7th & bunker hill . Book Private Tour Murder, Mystery & Ghost - 6:00 pm city lights - evening food tours

Downtown Los Angeles is probably the most dynamic urban area in the whole U.S. As more and more people move into loft apartments here, every week new restaurants, bars and shops open. Downtown is also where L.A. began, in 1781, as a tiny village on the far reaches of the Spanish Empire and you can still see much of it - including the oldest house in L.A. (from 1818). The famous Broadway was the beating heart of the city in the 1920’s as L.A. boomed, before being reborn recently. Many of L.A.’s most iconic buildings call the area home, including City Hall, Union Station and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Let us take you back in time on our tour - and then bring you right back to now!

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Private Tours

Want to see where LA began as a small farming village on the edge of the Spanish Empire? Or would you prefer to check out Broadway, once L.A.’s shopping and entertainment district and now being transformed as new bars and restaurants open every week? Or are you interested in seeing some of the most interesting and famous architectural icons in America? Let us know which of our tours interest you and we'll arrange to have a guide take you on your own personal tour of downtown Los Angeles at a time that suits your schedule.

10:00 am Explore hollywood

We don't currently offer a 10 am tour of Downtown Los Angeles, but we do offer an amazing tour of Hollywood. Let us take you back to when the industry first started in Hollywood in 1910, when Hollywood itself didn’t even have a bar or movie theater of it’s own and the industry was still new.

3:00 pm
Empire to now (M, W, f)

See some of L.A.’s most famous landmarks, including Union Station, City Hall and the Bradbury. Also learn about why L.A. is where it is and how it developed into the city it has become today. Tour finishes at Pershing Square, in the heart of downtown.

historic core (T, Th, Sat)

Walk through Grand Central Market, through the historic theater district and down Broadway, L.A.’s bustling heart in the 1920’s and now reborn with smart shops, great restaurants and loft apartments. Tour finishes at the beautiful Central Library.

7th & bunker hill (sun)

Walk down 7th Street, the shopping and entertainment district for downtown LA and full of beautiful, historic buildings. From there we’ll take you over Bunker Hill, past the gleaming skyscrapers of LA’s financial district, to the Music Centre, where we’ll explore the famous Walt Disney Concert Hall.

6:00 PM Murder, Mystery & Ghost (TH & holidays)

Los Angeles has, unfortunately, seen more than its fair share of horrible murders, serial killers, lynching’s, suicides, bombings and premature death. What this means is some seriously bad psychic energy hanging over parts of downtown – and some very credible stories about ghosts and haunting’s in those places. Come on our Murder, Mystery & Ghost Tour and hear some terrifying stories that will give you sleepless nights for weeks. You’ll never see the City of Angels in the same way again!


Experience the beauty of the downtown lights at night. See the buildings that have made downtown one of the most interesting places in the world for architecture, including the famous Walt Disney Concert Hall and many other highlights. Tour finishes at Pershing Square, in the heart of downtown.

FOOD LA TOUR Tokyo Tuesday (Tuesday 6pm, $75 per person, food included) Nestled in DTLA, the neighborhood of Little Tokyo is a very big deal. Welcome to the largest and oldest Japanese community in America. And it is exploding with vibrancy today: from street chic and cocktail culture, to old school sushi bars and noodle houses (the lines for which stretch a block long). Join local Japanese cuisine expert, one-time Japan native and man-about-town, Vance Harper, on a guided tour of the best food Little Tokyo has to offer: an inside view of authentic flavors, up-and-coming innovative Japanese cuisine and seasonal special experiences which only an insider would know. It's like experiencing Japan without the trudgery of Narita Airport or the sardine can congestion of Tokyo subways! IRRASSHAI! (Welcome!) L.A. Mini Bites (Sunday 1.30pm, $25 per person, food not included) A century of westward migration, immigration and, let's face it, the pure fantasy of which only Hollywood can imagine, has led to a vibrant food culture in Los Angeles which is unlike any other city. Where else can you eat the most authentic Japanese, Mexican, French, Brazilian and good old "discover tomorrow's platinum blonde hollywood starlet" lunch counter fare but in downtown Los Angeles, the current epicenter of culinary change in this city. This tour offers a smorgasbord of taste and an intriguing education of the finer, quirky, fun and globally significant elements of how Los Angeles is reinterpreting American and international food.
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