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We're passionate about showing our guests the "real" Los Angeles - the one we know and love. Whether it's teaching them the fascinating history of this city, or showing them the beautiful architecture of downtown, or giving them the inside track on where to eat and drink in L.A., we promise to give guests the best possible experience of this city. How do we do that? By being experts on the history and architecture of L.A. and by being up to date with its best restaurants and bars of course, but, most of all, by making our tours fun! We're an ethical, environmentally friendly, community business and the reason that so many of our walking tours are free is because we really believe in what we're doing. Come on one of our tours - we'd love to meet you - and hopefully we can make you love the city as much as we do!

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Damien blackshaw

Damien was born and brought up in the U.K., where he majored in History and Politics at Queen Mary College, University of London. He travelled around the world, living in different countries, before moving to Los Angeles in 2008. He founded Free LA Tour mainly because he wanted to do a historical/architectural tour of downtown to learn about L.A. himself. At that point he realized that there weren’t any tours like that, so he thought he might as well start one! He enjoys meeting all the interesting people that come on the tour and entertaining them with stories drawn from L.A.’s fascinating history.

Sabrina bruce

As a child of missionaries and, later on, an "Army Brat," Sabrina grew up all over the US and the world and she continues that love of travel and adventure today. Moving here over 13 years ago to pursue acting, she's found a passion for working in the travel industry as well over the past 6 years. She leads walking tours all over LA and group tours across the United States. Sabrina loves LA and enjoys showing it off to residents and visitors alike!

Chelsea Patterson

Chelsea is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator by trade, who earned her BFA in 2007 from Georgia Southern University and drove across country with her Mom almost immediately thereafter. Born in Cincinnati, OH, and raised in Savannah, GA, she's called L.A. home for 10 years now. A natural story-teller, comedian and history buff, she's an ideal candidate for guiding tours. She's found true excitement and happiness with Free LA Tour, sharing with people from all over the world the secret stories hiding just below the surface of Hollywood and Los Angeles! "Okay guys – let's boogie!"

Angela dimascio

Angela is a native of Los Angeles, where she has worked for 35 years as a teacher and counselor. She has also traveled extensively and visited most of the continents of the world. As a member of several historical/preservation societies, she’s always been very supportive of preserving the history of Los Angeles, so it’s great that now she can share that history with others! She loves giving LA visitors and residents good memories and experiences – as other people have given them to her on her travels.

Vicky Stafford

Vicky is a transplant from the great state of Iowa. She first got the travel bug when she was 19, while traveling to Italy on two-week adventure with her best friend. Since that first excursion she has returned to Europe twice and backpacked around most of the continent, in addition to traveling extensively around the United States. Next on the list is Asia. Vicky enjoys sharing her passion for travel and her love for the fascinating city of Los Angeles with all who come on the tour.

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